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What we are trying to solve?

A major problem in health sector in Nepal is lack digitization of records. Healthcare providers and patients are stuck with written records. The problem with this type of physical record is that it is easily lost; sometimes forgotten or damaged. This incurs high transaction cost for patients. Patients need to pay extra for repetitive test. They also bear the burden of keeping the records safe.

Lack of health record makes it difficult to properly diagnosis and suggest treatment. This limits doctors approach to symptomatic treatment. We came across such incidents during our market research. The doctors were treating chronic patient with limited information on patient history . One such patient lost all his records while moving apartments. There was no reference point to know whether the patients health was improving. Tests are usually redone at the adding to patient’s expenses. Likewise, this is also redundant use of hospitals resources. However, retests do not ensure past data accuracy. And extrapolating backwards is not a reliable option in critical matters like health.

Therefore, to enhance the process of medical examination we recommend digitizing medical records. We have developed an Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) system that makes this transition easier. Medicord is a web-based application that will digitize the medical history rural patients. We securely share the information online to other hospitals in area for interoperability.


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We get to work right from design conception and work in an iterative process to create a robust system.

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Our team has an adept crew on board who will make sure that every detail is according to your specification. No stone is left unturned.

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It is important for us to deliver on our projects. So, we focus on one project at a time. We provide undivided attention.


We aspire to make most out of our work. You can be rest assured that you will get the best value for your investment. You are in safe hands.

What is Aavishkar?

"Aavishkar" is an idea to make tailor-made solutions to solve issues of Nepalese people. Currently, Aavishkar is working on 'Medicord'. It'a a web-based application; a digital portfolio of medical records. Medicord aims to digitize medical records in rural for effective diagnosis and treatment.


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We are a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, all working together to make an impact.